A longwearing lipcolor that braves 16 hours of brunch, smooching and workouts...all without feathering, bleeding or drying?

Garen: 23

Shade: Red Cashmere
I’ve wanted to start wearing lipstick for a while. This was a good way to start. Outlast comes with a lipstick and clear gloss, which you apply
together, but you could just use the gloss alone. It lasted my entire work day and didn’t even rub off on the lid of my coffee (which says a lot). I liked that the gloss wasn’t sticky at all—I couldn’t even tell I was wearing anything. Next time I’d like to try a bolder color. 

Brandi: 25

Shade: Pink Pearl
The label says not to rub your lips together for 60 seconds or until color dries, but 20 years of smacking my lips together after application made me forget the warning. Outlast stayed on for hours as promised (throughout an entire Easter dinner), but since I can’t follow directions I’m sticking with easily removed clear lip glosses from now on so I don’t look like I made out with Ronald McDonald. 

 Lauren: Aged to Perfection

Shade: Nude
Outlast offers lots of good color options, but the wand and consistency of the lipcolor made application less than precise. The color stayed
through 12 hours of errands, talking, eating, drinking and even a kiss or two, but it looks unnaturally dull and dry without the very glossy topcoat. Unfortunately that doesn’t last and must be reapplied more than my moisturizing lipstick.