Originally from Munich, Germany, Raphaela Platow is an adventurer at heart.

In the international world of art, her job as Director and Chief Curator of the Contemporary Arts Center is to shape the institution into a place that is vibrant, open, inclusive, pulsating with energy and deeply connected to the community. “I have always believed in following my heart in my career choices,” she says. “This is a life purpose for me.”

In the face of these considerable responsibilities, Raphaela takes time to relax by having dinner parties at her old farmhouse in Northern Kentucky (built in 1866) and stays healthy by practicing yoga, taking long walks and dancing ‘til morning. Sounds like the perfect formula for creative innovation...

Process Pro

“My life is my work, in a way. Everything I do and experience fuels and informs my work. Contemporary art is my facilitator and I have always loved to talk with people about art and the creative process."

Creative Streak 

“Creativity is in everything I do. It’s my motivator. Thank God I have a very pragmatic side, which keeps me on track.”

Health Caring

“To me, good health means feeling connected to my body and having an equilibrium between mind, body and soul. I have been doing yoga for more than 10 years and often take classes at [The] Yoga Bar downtown.” 

Travel Life 

“Travel is an essential part of my life. I like to discover, delve into the texture and atmosphere of a place. I like to feel the energy of my destination and just float in it for a while.”

Foodie Network

“I love to eat! I love fresh produce from Findlay Market, delicious cheeses, good bread, chocolate, meats, vegetables, pasta. Everything!”

Photos by Tiffany Dawn Nicholson