They always sound good at the time, but these grand vows rarely make it past our New Years hangovers.

One: The number of pounds you should strive to lose at a time

Since weight loss is the most popular New Year’s resolution, it’s also the most broken. Oftentimes, it’s just too general of a promise to keep. Instead of saying "I want to lose weight," promise yourself to lose a pound a week or every two weeks. Making small accomplishments over time is encouraging and you’re more likely to stick to it. One is also the number of truffles you should have, not one box.

Three: the miserable number of days in the infamous "three day hump"

When trying to quit smoking, these are the days your friends wish you would have stayed home. You’re moody, you’re mean, and you definitely want a cigarette. However, there is hope! Replace your habit of smoking with something else. Put a pack of gum or toothpicks where you normally keep your smokes. That way, when you instinctively reach for a cigarette, you have something to satisfy your oral fixation. Nicotine patches are always good, too.

90: the percentage of Americans who will fail to keep their New Year’s resolutions.

They always sound good at the time, but these grand vows rarely make it past our New Year’s hangovers. It’s easy to justify giving them up, but for the serious few, here are tips to resist the temptations.

$2,600: the amount of money the average American household spends going out to eat each year.

Saving money is something everyone wants to do, and it’s an easy resolution to make. Things like this add up, and they’re easy activities to cut down on. Keeping a spending log can help. That way, you can see where you’re spending unnecessarily and save a lot of money.

12oz: The amount of brew in the average American-made beer bottle

This is a good alternative to those 22-oz. tall ones you’ve been throwing back. Drinking less alcohol is something many of us strive to do for the sake of our wallets and, of course, our bodies. Since drinking is a social event, make cutting down a social thing as well. Finding a friend to cut back with you makes all the difference. That way, you’ll have someone to fight the peer pressure with.

2012: the year you’re going to find a better job!

We know, we know, you’re just too busy to get out there and look. No excuses! According to Dr. Bill Knaus in Psychology Today, it’s all about not waiting for the right time, which will never come if you don’t make it. "Waiting to get into the right mood is a form of procrastination," he says. "Push yourself to do it anyway."