You know how every once in awhile you have a week where every day you’re like, “Today will be better!” But it just gets worse? Yeah, well, I’m having that week.

I’ve been (unsuccessfully) looking for a job for eight months now and, man, this week I just feel dejected. 

What do I do when I get this face-down-on-computer, drooling-into-my-keyboard, weeping-while-listening-to-my-bummer playlist feeling? I look at cats in clothes. Yeah. Google search: "Cats in clothes." Boom. Done. That’s exactly what you’re getting out of me this week, too. My "best of" this week’s Google image searches. Least amount of effort, maximum payoff. Enjoy. (Oh, and if you’re in the Louisville area and are looking for an excellent non-profit professional, email me.)

A freaking panda cat in a sweatshirt. Hello, God, it’s Abi… thank you.

Always the seasoned professional, Ribbons McWiskerson knew not to sass the stylist even though a pop of color would really set this blazer off.

Everyone has the friend who’s suuuuper into DIY, but always takes the project one step too far into puffy painting, excessive feathering, and/or (gulp) bedazzling.

"What? I can’t hear you. No, you come in here! HUH? I still can’t hear you. Just come in here. No. I won’t get up. I’m in my new elephant bed!"

Soft spot: Punk cats.

This spent photo was my desktop picture for about a year. I think you can see why. 

Richard never did forget Emmalee. She would always be the one that got away…with his favorite fish toy. 

I hope at least one of these put a smile on your face and warmed your winter-frozen heart. Whenever you’re sad, remember, just Google your two favorite things together and you can’t lose. Well, unless you’re into weird stuff like “snail pinecones” or “bird internet." Then you’re on your own.