Living on the Internet means I’ve been bombarded with the best and worst collections from this year's Fashion Week(s), and, of course, I have an opinion.

I will now show you my favorite looks of the collective Fashion Weeks that have happened thus far. 

McQueen, London

I weeped when I found out Alexander McQueen had taken his life, and I held my breath until the fashion house announced who would take over as the head designer. Sarah Burton has done this line justice and then some. She’s kept the goth, quirk, drama, and overall weirdness that made me first fall in love with McQueen’s designs. ??

Jeremy Scott, NYC

Jeremy Scott is Marc Jacobs on acid. This collection was what would happen if Rainbow Brite hung out with Bart Simpson and they smoked crack. It was glorious. Rainbow shawl made of hair? Yes, please. ??

Prada, Milan


SHUT. IT. DOWN. Okay, so this is menswear, but Gary Oldman, Adrien Brody, Emile Hirsch, Jamie Bell… all walking the runway?! Swoon. 

Pam Hogg, London

I’ve never heard of Pam Hogg before this year, apparently she’s an '80s designer that brought the club kid, punk, and blitz kids fashions onto the runway. Between the Frida Kahlo eyebrows, the in. sane. collars, and nod to S&M…I’m in love. Pam, you cray! 

Luna the Fashion Kitty, Arizona

Mixing black with pastels is HUGE this season. I’ve seen a lot of this casual sticking-out-of-the-tongue-ever-so-slightly trend, and I’m not one to be left behind on a new trend. Sew shtick it out ladiesss and letss ssselebreate fassshion! Note: also if you’re eyes don’t go in the same direction all the time, take a tip from Luna and just let them go wherever they want. I for one am embracing my lazy eye thanks to Luna!