Bring an air of fanciful festivity to any occasion, indoors or out.

Greater than the sum of its parts, this project is so satisfyingly simple and cost effective, you’ll find any excuse to throw a party.


  • tissue paper in different colors (each flower requires +/- 8 square sheets)
  • scissors
  • kitchen/baking twine


STEP 1: Cut tissue paper into squares by folding the desired width on the diagonal. Cut off the excess and keep it around for the smaller flowers. We used 15-inch by 15-inch squares for the large flowers and 10-inch by 10-inch squares for the small flowers (this is open for creative interpretation or efficient use of tissue paper).

STEP 2: Stack eight sheets of paper on top of each other and square the corners up nicely. Begin accordion folding the stack of sheets in one inch increments.

STEP 3: Once the entire stack has been accordion folded, fold to find the center. Securely tie a 12-inch cut of twine at the center point.

STEP 4: Halfway between the top of the center and top of the paper begin cutting the “petal tips” into rounded or arched shapes. Add variety to your garland by cutting the tips per color differently.

STEP 5: Begin gently peeling apart the layers of tissue paper until you create a rounded flower.

STEP 6: Repeat these steps until your house is full of tissue paper flowers.

STEP 7: Determine how much distance you want between flowers and knot the loose ends of twine accordingly. Trim the twine or let it hang.

STEP 8: Locate a sad, dark, soul-less corner and hang your garland!