Another year has gone by and suddenly you’re seeing lines that weren’t there before. Crow’s feet have suddenly appeared, bearing witness to all your smiles in life.

The creases in your forehead are now visible for the world to see how much you’ve furrowed your brow in deep thought. Some of us embrace these badges of maturity while others are determined to go down swinging in the fight with aging.

If you are the woman who wants to fight aging without intrusive intervention, there are several treatments that, when used regularly, can provide the results you are looking for. Facials such as The Woodhouse Spa’s (513-891-4772) “Advanced Anti-Aging Facial” can help battle the ravages of time; and if you want to up the ante, go for their “Rejuvenating Microdermabrasion.” In order to ensure optimal results, both treatments should be done regularly (ask your facialist how often).

For those of us who are willing to go “deeper,” injectables are a terrific option. For those pesky crow’s feet and brow creases, Botox is like real-life Photoshop: after 10-14 days they are either gone or diminished. For deeper lines (such as your nasolabial folds), fillers such as JUVÉDERM XC or Restylane can do the job beautifully. Injectables are not without risk though, so make sure you are aware of them. Also, I would strongly advise that you see a plastic surgeon such as Dr. Allison Holzapfel at Mangat-Kuy-Holzapfel (513-984-3223) for these procedures. She’s done a terrific job for me!